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Published on October 18th, 2011 | by Dan


>Valve on CS:GO, Source Engine 2 (Or Lack Thereof)

>Source is a great engine, even after all these years.  It has produced some of the most iconic games of all time.  It has been used to make some excellent mods (The Stanley Parable, The Hidden, Nightmare House 2 come to mind).

However, Source is getting on a bit, and that’s putting it mildly.  Even the newest release, Portal 2, while beautiful graphically (not to mention a tremendous game) wasn’t exactly pushing systems to the brink.  Due to this age, and our relatively short attention spans, we want something new.  We want Source 2.
Valve says “[We] just update [Source] – not replace it.”  This has definitely been true with each game that has come out for the engine.  CS:GO looks to mature the engine even more in early 2012, as we have seen from the numerous screenshots and videos floating around.  However, it is still a 7 year old engine.  Come on Valve, throw us a bone here.
And just when will we see the latest iteration of Source, with CS:GO?  Valve say when it’s ready.  This is a positive thing, despite the aging Source engine.  Valve are doing this release the right way.  They appear to be doing a real beta with CS:GO, not some glorified publicity stunt.  “The beta will tell us [when it’s launching].”  This is a very positive sign.  As we’ve highlighted on podcasts and in articles, games should come to PC when they are ready, and not before.  Blizzard does it better than anyone.  The game is done when it’s done.  Valve seem to be following in this path with CS:GO.
So prepare to bug report your little hearts out with CS:GO beta.  And embrace the old familiar Source engine once again.
Take lessons developers (sadly looking at you id Software), the guys at Valve and Blizzard know what they’re doing.
Source article: PCGamer

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9 Responses to >Valve on CS:GO, Source Engine 2 (Or Lack Thereof)

  1. HYPEMonger says:

    >updating or replacing an engine i could care less, whatever verb valve wants it means more features which is what people with short attention spans are interested in amright? personally the new cs is the only engine i've been waiting for because it's not as influenced with all the mass marketed bs you get from iw and others. don't get me wrong i love love lovee the goofyness of promod cod4 and i also played my nuts off in bc2 but if all i'm seeing is changed percs and the fact that now you can fly omg wait for it… .. a jet… then heres one gamer thats seen enough of this mass marketed bs to know that its a waste of time. on this same vein, although i'll probably buy mw3 but i sure as hell am not leveling the features i'm playing 60 bucks for, i play for pure ownage only. 10th prestige player profile download from alteriw ftw!

  2. thomaseron says:

    >Give us a new engine already! :)

  3. Wheelzz says:

    >Valve is a great dev!

  4. Fargo says:

    >I've never had a problem with CS:S alt tab, but in TF2 it takes ages, and I built my PC about 4 months ago.

  5. Darbyothrill says:

    >@john Yeah, I would agree, but frankly, their current strategy has been successful. They will probably want to do a big branding push for HL3 or something.

  6. ApotheosisNemesis says:

    >As long as it feels like CS and they fix tabbing (Tabbing is a fucking nightmare in most Source-Games) and hitboxes I'm happy.

  7. John says:

    >If they did a heavy update and called the engine source 2, alot of people would be satisfied. =P

  8. Darbyothrill says:

    >To back up your point though, the difference between Frostbyte 1 and Frostbyte 2 is much more interesting than Half-Life 2 to Portal 2.

  9. Darbyothrill says:

    >The issue here is less of a technical one and more of marketing. Updating an engine is what every engine maker does, typically the new names are mere branding.

    For instance, Frostbyte 2 is just Frostbyte updated. Skyrim's Creation engine is a heavily modified version of the Gamebryo engine rebranded.

    Hell, even the Source engine is a heavily modified version of the Quake 2 engine. Massively upgraded of course, but there was never a sudden break between the Quake 2 engine and the Source engine over the course of the development of Half-Life 2, they simply modified the code over time.

    If you play Portal 2, you can see how much they have updated the Source engine over the years. The dynamic lighting in that game was damn good, especially for a DX9 game. There are still some issues, namely not a lot of massive open outdoor areas and long loading times, but if they were to make a game that required both, guarantee the code would be re-written.

    It's understandable why a consumer would want to see Source 2, and maybe it is a failure of Valve marketing. But from a technical perspective, it wouldn't actually mean anything.



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