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Published on November 4th, 2011 | by Dan


>Blacklight: Retribution – How to Unlock FPS

>Big thanks to reader @tainted7oh7.  I had wanted to uncap the Unreal Engine and get to a seriously smooth 100+ fps, and now you can.  Here is what you do:

1.  On your C: drive (or whereever it installed) find (most likely in program files) Perfect World/Blacklight Retribution/FoxGame/Config/PCConsole/Cooked/PCConsole-FoxEngine

2. Open this file, should open in notepad and do a CTRL+ F to find “bSmoothFrameRate” set that to equal true.

3. right beneath this setting is minsmoothed and maxsmoothed, set maxsmoothed to like 1000 then save the file and set it to Read-only so the game can’t override it.

4.  Load into Blacklight.

Reader Tainted is now getting a silky smooth 200 fps.  I am trying this as soon as I can!  I am also trying to get an answer from jared to see if this can be an in game option.


5 Responses to >Blacklight: Retribution – How to Unlock FPS

  1. jphreak says:

    Lol, people need to join Blacklight forums that way you get this info sooner ;]. I posted this basically the day of CB1 launch, then I followed up in another thread with unknown team chat commands unreleased game modes etc. http://blacklight-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=198791

    The Devs also replied and said it would be implemented in a patch, as above Exec Producer Andy Kipling said.

    If you’re gonna fudge around with config files, be ready to undo redo etc etc.

  2. CuriousGuy says:

    We’re in closed beta, wouldn’t setting it to read-only cause a problem later?

  3. Andy Kipling says:

    This should be a feature in the next patch.

  4. Jugs says:

    how do you set it to Read-only?

    • Eyrod says:

      Right click – Properties. Tick box Read only, should be next to Hidden

      Thanks for this Tainted. Makes the game so much better for me.



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