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Published on November 18th, 2011 | by Dan


Mods? We love mods!

PC gaming has many advantages.  One of the biggest, as we have highlighted before, is the ability to modify games.

We’ve seen entirely new games come out of the modding scene with amazing results.  Just look at the Source engine as a prime example.  We have Counter-Strike because of modders.  We have Nightmare House 2, The Hidden, The Stanley Parable, Gary’s Mod and numerous other amazing titles.  Then you have mods that transform games into something new or make them considerably better.   AlterIW would be the perfect example of this.  They took an unplayable Modern Warfare 2 for PC and modded it into something usable.  No small feat.  The guys over there are continuing to build on that mod to make it into the game it should have been.

The Elder Scrolls series is a great example of the cosmetic or UI face-lifts that mods can do.  Skyrim has been out for a week and has well over 100 mods.  Oblivion is outdated graphically but there are gigabytes of texture mods out there that make the game look and feel new again.  In the wake of Skyrim’s amazing launch and modding scene, MaximumPC have taken the task of compiling a list of 25 Awesome mods for Modern games.  Have you tried any of these?  Let us know in the comments!

(image above from the GTA4 ICEmod)

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