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Published on December 2nd, 2011 | by Brandon


Tech the Halls: Brandon

I love the holiday season; the lights, the smells, the days off work, and of course, the gifts.  What’s on my wish list this year?  Let’s find out:


Why is the first item on my list the same as Dan’s, you ask? Well, I haven’t picked up Skyrim yet because I’m usually content to pass on single-player-only games until they inevitably show up in a Steam sale. I came close to making an exception for Skyrim, but I held out so that I can put it on my Christmas list and have someone else buy it for me. What’s better to ask for than the frontrunner for game of the year?


Das Keyboard Professional

Lately, I noticed that the old-school Logitech G15 I’ve used for years was really starting to get grimy, so I decided I should ask for a new keyboard for Christmas. After struggling to decide which brand and model would best suit my needs, I decided to to take a risk and opt for the ultimate mechanical simplicity of the Das Keyboard: no macro keys, no LCD screen, just the bare essentials.  So I gave the idea to my girlfriend, and she let me have it early because she’s awesome.

The Professional may not be fancy, but it’s an absolute joy to type on and feels extremely sturdy. It is a bit pricey (retailing for around $120), so it makes a perfect gift idea to give to your parents or close relatives.


Razer Carcharias

Once again, Dan stole my thunder by putting a headset on his list, but I won’t waffle around like he did. I currently have a Plantronics Gamecom headset, the same model I’ve used since I got my first headset way back in middle school (the model was called Audio 90 back then). But I think it’s finally time for a change.

With so many good headsets out there, it’s difficult to pick one when you don’t get the chance to try on many (or any) of them before buying. While John and others have been raving over Psyko headsets, I fear they’re a bit too heavy for extended use over the long gaming sessions I sometimes pull on the weekends. Having tried John’s Carcharias at QuakeCon, I was very impressed with how comfortable they are and how well they sounded.  Come Christmas morning, I plan to put my trusty Plantronics set to rest and sport these going forward.


And lastly…

Samsung MD230X6

Know what’s better than one monitor? Two monitors. What’s better than two monitors? Three monitors. But what’s better than three monitors? Well, uh, six monitors. I figure, this is the season of giving, right? I’ve been a good boy this year, and Santa has deep pockets… Think he’ll spend a few grand on me?


And that about does it for my list! If you missed it, make sure to check out Dan’s list from yesterday, and stay tuned next week for Tech the Halls from the rest of the KBMOD crew!


Images courtesy of Razer, Das Keyboard, APC

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14 Responses to Tech the Halls: Brandon

  1. NewVegasFan says:

    YAY, my first comment is on my favorite bro’s post. Anyway, my question is about why you are questioning the weight of the Psyko headsets. It may be a bit heavy at first, but you’ll get used to it. There a great headset and it pains me to see them overlooked for something that stopped bothering me after the first week. No hate, keep gaming :)

    • Brandon vol1tion says:

      I’m pleased to hear you’re happy with your Psykos, but some have noted that they are uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. Given how much I wear my headset, comfort is a big deal for me, and I can’t justify spending that much on a headset that I haven’t had a chance to really try out before (other than a quick demo at QuakeCon). To each his own. :)

  2. colebluefearn says:

    How come you decided to go with Das instead of Filco? I’ve heard the build quality on the Filco Majestouch 2 is a little bit higher. And personally, I think the Majestouch 2 is the best-looking keyboard on the market.

    • matik23 says:

      They’re both great keyboards, and the the differences between those two keyboards in terms of quality is miniscule. They’re both robust and will last a long time.

    • Brandon vol1tion says:

      I just didn’t really look at Filco. I read good things about the Das, and that’s what I decided to go with (and I certainly don’t regret that decision).

  3. chaosking120 says:

    i had the Carcharias before, but with mine, the left ear stopped playing sound within 2-3 months of me having them. i was very disappointed. My one friend has had them for probably a year now and they are working fine for him though. I am enjoying my wireless logitech headset(they are F somethings, dont know the name) atm though. Figured i’d invest in a wireless one, even though i have to charge it, just in case it was me breaking the wires on the headset. this one has gona strong for about a year now i think.

  4. WhosZach says:

    Who needs or wants that many screens LOL?

  5. Dex says:

    What series of the GameComms are you using? The series I have is not much like my old Audio 90s at all. I’m terrible at moving forward, I just love them toooooo much. PLEASE, HELP ME! Also, tell me if that headset is actually worth it. A good nod from you and I might be willing to give it a shot (I got my mouse based on your high praise).

    I’ve got a mechanical keyboard, they are amazing aren’t they? Glad you like yours so much and I’m glad your girlfriend treats you well. If only she’d fatten you up a bit…. mmmm…. chubby Brandon. *drool*

  6. matik23 says:

    Good choice on the Das keyboard. You will be happy with them. Click clacks for days.

  7. Fargoh says:

    I ordered a Das around monday, should be in soon. Dem browns. Came out to around $100 with the student discount, great stuff.



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