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Published on December 9th, 2011 | by Nick


Tech The Halls: Nick

I thoroughly enjoy Christmas. There are many reasons, mainly because I get to sit on a stranger’s lap and make wishes, but gifts are pretty cool too. I’m not too needy this year, considering I already have a pink pair of Zubaz and a new PlayStation 3 slim. Regardless, I made a small list of Xmas miracles I would love to come down the chimney that is not attached to our house.

First is a solid-state drive provided by Corsair. I should probably preface this by saying I prefer Corsair’s SSD over G.Skill’s. The main reason I went with this model is because it is NASCAR red. Red is the color of speed. When I need to get scope in Promod, I require vroom-vroom speeds to get those vroom-vroom quickscopes. Just kidding, I don’t play Promod. I’m too busy playing bad video games.

My second gift would have to be a Canon Rebel T2i. This camera seems to be one of the better buys for the price point. I think I really need this camera because I am incredibly artsy. Just look at that sepia tone. Do you think anyone can do that? No. I am so abstract and unique. Ladies, look at my cardigan sweater and tell me I’m not hip enough. I dare you.

This next present isn’t actually real yet, but I think Santa could get me the hook up before Christmas Eve. Jurassic Park 4 on Blu-ray. Nothing else to say about that. The third one was totally good and not a disappointment to everyone.

This last gift might push the limits. I really, really, really want Tron suits for everyone at KBMOD. I believe I speak for everyone when I say APLFisher would look better than Michelle Pfeiffer if he had a skin-tight rave party running up his thighs.

Please spend thousands of dollars on me. I may just pick up something for you from the Dollar Tree.

Happy Holidays!

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8 Responses to Tech The Halls: Nick

  1. Solidjinzo24 says:

    Look gewd!

  2. Holopoint says:

    Nothing like a Tron outfit!

  3. krunch says:

    i think a polaroid is really your best bet

  4. Janzzze says:

    don’t know why you would want that camera the T3i (600D for everyone outside US) is coming out at the beginning of next year and will cost the same as the T2i (550D if out side US)
    also the 5100D from Nikon is a strong choice if you don’t want to go as mainstream.

  5. kel. says:

    I don’t know if you’d want that camera isn’t a little mainstream for your odd and qwerky taste?

  6. Ofenlicht says:

    That last picture turned me on.



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