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Published on January 9th, 2012 | by Dan


AMD 7970 Out in the Wild


The new king of the single GPU cards, the AMD Radeon 7970 is out for sale. Good luck getting one though. Newegg had models from Powercolor, HIS, Sapphire, ASUS, Gigabyte, and XFX, all of which are sold out. The price tags on Newegg are between the $549 retail price and $600.

Other retailers do have them in stock but often at inflated prices.  This one on Amazon is $682! PCPartpicker.com has them up for tracking, these are listed in the same range as the Newegg prices. Custom PC makers have also gotten in on the act, such as this model from CyberpowerPC, new at CES 2012.

Check out this HIS 7970 Dual Crossfire & Eyefinity video review from Overclock 3D

Check out this QUAD CROSSFIRE 7970 3D Mark Run from Hardware.info:

If anyone out there gets one or finds a special let us know in the comments or on our Deal Forum!

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  • AndrewHume1

    TTL = beast mode engaged

    • RossGeddes

      Almost has a better beard than Scott. Also doesn’t struggle installing a 212.

      • I see in some of the comments that they’re mentioning his use of Windowed Mode disables Crossfire – is that true? I haven’t experienced Crossfire myself yet.

        • RossGeddes

          At least in Dirt 3. Why he was running it in windowed mode I have no idea.

  • noxPHX

    Fuck I want this so badly. I have $600 just wanting to be used for this graphics card instead of school books :X

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