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Published on January 2nd, 2012 | by Dan


KBMOD Looks Forward in 2012: Dan

This will be an 8 part series with each contributor talking about what they are looking forward to in 2012.  It might contain hardware, games or trends in PC gaming. First up? Dan.

Welcome to 2012 everyone! We had a pretty fun year with this whole KBMOD business in 2011 and we have a lot more in store this year. We hope to hit up PAX East and Quakecon for starters, so if you see us there come say hello!

Now onto my list of the things I’m looking forward to most in 2012. There is no way I won’t leave something of interest off of this because there are just too many things happening in PC gaming. These will be in no particular order.

The full release of Blacklight: Retribution


This was a tough choice between this or Tribes: Ascend to put in this post. I am looking forward to both games in their full versions (although both are damn polished right now). For me, Blacklight: Retribution is the one I want to play more. It definitely has its flaws, but overall it is just more my style. The developers behind this game have a strong desire to make it as good as it can be and if that doesn’t encourage you in a world of Modern Warfare 3, I don’t know what will.

The main flaw right now is something already being overhauled and that is the equipment buying system. You rent equipment and if you don’t play one or two days, you basically lose it all. I would pay right now, in beta, to just keep my stuff forever. The customization of this game is what truly makes it shine. You can build a character in almost infinite ways tailored completely to your play style.  You can go speed demon, heavy, sniper, close combat, even a melee if you wanted. Once you can keep your loadouts and maintain them, I can see myself dropping most other shooters (except the ever present CoD 4) and playing this a ton. As I mentioned, the developers are already on changing this and listening to community feedback with open ears.


Ivy Bridge

We’ve posted a lot on Intel’s newest platform and if you follow me on Twitter you know I’m looking to upgrade to an Ivy Bridge system. I currently run an AMD system (965 Black Edition) and have been happy with it, but it is time to upgrade for some longevity. With AMD basically bowing out of the desktop arms race, I sadly have no choice but to go Intel. Ivy Bridge looks amazing for several reasons.  It should be a slight upgrade over Sandy Bridge in performance and it will use less power and create less heat.  This means slightly more overclocking headroom and of course some power bill savings, which is nice when you pay the bills. I have never had an Intel system (shocking, I know), so this will also be some new territory for me in a PC build. I will keep you posted if and when I start the build!


The revival of PC gaming legends

Following in the footsteps of the superb Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the not-so-superb Duke Nukem Forever, we’ve already had announcements of more legendary comebacks. Lets hope they go the way of Human Revolution.

Don’t screw this up!

First we have Max Payne 3. Max Payne is one of the great PC franchises. Remedy Entertainment aren’t making this one, but there is no need to fret as this gritty series is in the hands of the kings of grit over at Rockstar.  They aren’t straying far from the original series, keeping the down and dirty violence interrupted by some bullet time formula intact. They are even adding multiplayer.  I could care less if the multiplayer even works, because a new chapter in the Max Payne saga is more than enough. Max Payne 3 drops in March.

Next we have Rockstar again (got enough on your plate?) with what may end up being the biggest release of the year, Grand Theft Auto V.  There are next to no details on the game yet, other than it is set in the GTA version of Los Angeles/Hollywood. With Call of Duty disappointing and World of Warcraft winding down a little despite the new expansion coming, they have a chance to really blow the doors off the gaming world with GTA V.  I am also looking forward to what modding insanity goes down with this game.  It should be epic. No release date has yet been announced.

Hitman: Absolution is also hitting in 2012.  This is another seminal PC series.  Hitman and Hitman 2: Silent Assassin were tremendous games, combining stealth and action.  Agent 47 is a memorable character and like Max Payne has spawned a movie or two.  The game is being made by basically the same developer as the rest in the series, so that should be a good sign.  Absolution is also being made on a new engine built to expand the game play choices for Agent 47.  Expect it by Fall 2012.

Last, but definitely not least, Diablo III is coming out this year.  It is already my game of the year, century and millennium.  I am confident it will be the greatest thing to ever happen to things.  I cannot overstate my satisfaction.  You know what? Just watch the intro trailer:


What are you looking forward to in 2012? This is a big year ahead of us!


Images courtesy Perfect World Entertainment, Intel, Rockstar Entertainment, Square Enix

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7 Responses to KBMOD Looks Forward in 2012: Dan

  1. Hatton says:

    I’m looking forward to some CS:GO!

  2. kel. says:

    Diablo 3!!

  3. krunch says:

    KBMOD Looks Forward in 2012: NFEN

    guild wars 2

  4. Foxy Grandpa says:

    I’m looking forward to Tribes, Blacklight, CS:GO, the Nvidia GeForce 600 series GPUs and Brink 2

  5. Kerm says:

    What about the new generation of consoles coming in 2012?

  6. Left4Raptor says:

    I’m looking forward to an ARTSRPG world where competition truly exists. LoL has had some major issues for a while that Riot is too busy making more Teemo/Annie skins to focus on fixing, and I believe that Dota 2 will help light a fire under their hinds. Of course, this works both ways, and Valve + Icefrog will have to bring their best as well.



I put the OO in Swagoo. One of the founders of KBMOD. I stream on Twitch as well as writing and editing for the website.

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