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Published on January 2nd, 2012 | by Dan


New Vegas Mod Ups the Ante in Hardcore

Fallout: New Vegas is a solid RPG. I am really enjoying it after purchasing it on the Steam Christmas sale.  It was bug-ridden by some accounts and has some annoyances, but most people had fun in the desert.  New Vegas also comes with a hardcore mode, for those who don’t want to just enjoy the scenery. Now you can make hardcore even more…hardcore.

One of the developers of the game, J. E. Sawyer, has actually written a mod for New Vegas making an extreme hardcore mode for those looking for a challenge.  It also fixes a few bugs with alignment and reputation. Note that this is NOT an official mod or DLC, he wrote it himself, it isn’t endorsed by anyone but him. The mod also makes Stimpaks much harder to find, and instead you’ll find expired ones where they previously were.  You also have half the health you normally would and XP is reduced.  Carry weight is also reduced.  To use the mod you must own ALL the DLC (all of it, including the cosmetic Courier’s Stash and Gun Runners Arsenal.)  Files in the DLC are necessary for the mod.

Modders can make some amazing things.  When a game developer decides to mod his own game and play test it on his own time, that is another level.  And it can only happen on PC. Full details,  ‘patch notes’ and download link can be found here on RPGwatch.  If you’re done with Skyrim and looking for an RPG fix, this just might be it.

Thanks for the heads up from MaximumPC!

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One Response to New Vegas Mod Ups the Ante in Hardcore

  1. DrDinero says:

    done with skyrim lolololol…..



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