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Published on April 19th, 2012 | by Dan


Dark Souls PC Roller Coaster Takes Another Turn

The most bi-polar game release ever to hit the PC continues its ups and downs.

Dark Souls getting released on PC was a triumph of community action. Then it was revealed the game was likely going to use Games for Windows Live. Then it wasn’t certain.

Now, in an interview with Famitsu (in Japanese; English report here from DSOGaming), Namco have said that Dark Souls will be locked at a soul-crushing 30 FPS. In an extremely difficult game, where movement and quick reactions are paramount, this is a dreadful choice. Dropped frames or low FPS could quite literally ruin your day. The game thankfully will support all normal resolutions, but there will most likely be no HD textures or many graphic options.

I said I would buy this game, even with GFWL live holding me back, but at 30 FPS lock, I just don’t know anymore. Hopefully Namco thinks about changing this as it is likely a simple fix.

Can we start a petition for a developer who knows the PC platform?

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21 Responses to Dark Souls PC Roller Coaster Takes Another Turn

  1. Fidees says:

    Now its going to look bad on our part. In the future we will want a game on the pc but developers will be like oh well you all said you wanted dark souls and they spent money porting it and then no one bought it.

  2. xornand says:

    Frame rate lock is a deal breaker for me.

  3. aSneakyTeapot says:

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but upping the FPS to 60 is nowhere near “a simple fix”. It’s a huge job.

    • xornand says:

      That doesn’t sound right to me. Care to explain why?

      • RavenValor95 says:

        From my understanding it has something to do with how the combat system is set up.

        At 30FPS you’ll swing at a certain speed and at 60 FPS you’ll swing at a different speed, which changes the style of combat almost entirely, making it so that certain enemies are simply unbeatable restricting you from going further.

        But that’s just what I’ve heard, so it may not be entirely accurate, so do take it with a grain of salt.

        • Slippy says:

          I’m pretty sure the speed of the game isn’t always in direction relation to framerate. If that were the case, I could run around in Skyrim at extreme speed because of my framerate. Really, it depends on the engine and how its built.

          In Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Fallout: New Vegas, if you have your framerate uncapped, you could run at extreme speeds if your framerate is high. This was of course fixed in Skyrim due to the reworked engine.

  4. Akaitenshi says:

    Why would you lock fps on 30? what is the benefit of that for anyone?
    I don’t get it, I really don’t get it..
    I’ll now google that shit…

    • aSneakyTeapot says:

      There’s a link between FPS and how objects interact with the physics engine, it is actually much more important than you’d think.

      • Akaitenshi says:

        like nvidia physx?
        Cuz I played this game called Alice: the madness returns
        and it had a lot of physx effects and it also had a locked fps.. explains some stuff..

  5. Splozy says:

    They aren’t being upfront about their lack of knowledge on a PC port. Whay can’t they outsource or ask for help goddamit?

  6. Hansenight! says:

    Its like Namco-Bandai ia slapping us in the face. There like hmmm we have all this pc community support, lets pretend like we care and make a pc version but make it the shittiest version possible. I was seriously looking forward to playing this game but not anymore. Namco-Bandai just lost 1 sale -_-

  7. Average Joe says:

    Fuck yiou Namco cost me everything.

  8. Bedward says:

    Why must every single fucking game company gain our great respect and then gut-wrenchenchingly lose it. First we love EA for making Battlefield 3 on PC and then Origin happened. First we love Activision for making the beauty that is CoD1 and CoD2 and then.. well the rest is history. God dammit. Dicks.

  9. Salty Nipples says:

    fuck it, I’m done with Namco.

  10. Slippy says:

    Honestly, it’ll probably be locked at a super low FOV and will be nauseating to play.

  11. The IMatty says:

    would rather eat santorum than have 30 fps

  12. Wackey95 says:

    Still going to buy it for the PvP Modes and New Content yet the FPS lock is a pain :)

  13. krunch says:

    the worst part is, they are going to notice the lack of pc sales, and say “well, i guess PC is just a dead platform”



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