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Published on May 21st, 2012 | by Dan


Account Security Warning for Diablo III Players

We’ve recently heard a rash of reports about Diablo III players getting their accounts hacked, even if they have an active authenticator. Several lengthy threads (like this one) on the Blizzard forums and an article on The Examiner seems to indicate that this is problem could be widespread.

Details aren’t entirely clear yet, but this issue doesn’t appear to be your run-of-the-mill keylogger or other client-side virus. The evidence thus far suggests a possible security hole in the game itself that’s allowing hackers to gain unauthorized access to others’ accounts via the friends list or game session, where players are joining public games with suspicious characters, only to discover their accounts ransacked shortly afterwards. We haven’t seen any official confirmation from Blizzard about any potential exploit, but for now, we would strongly urge any of you playing Diablo III to:

  1. Check your friends list and remove anyone you don’t know and trust.
  2. Don’t join a game with someone you don’t know, and avoid public games like the plague.

Hopefully we’ll see some official word from Blizzard before long. Until then, be smart and remain vigilant (and get an authenticator anyway, good practice).


7 Responses to Account Security Warning for Diablo III Players

  1. ZippyE says:

    My friend got hacked about 6 hours after the game was released. But blizzard got his account back really quick. What’s kind of weird though is that blizzard said that they would only help him once if his account was to get hacked, so if he gets hacked again blizzard won’t help him at all.

    • Dan Dan says:

      That’s incorrect, they will only restore items a limited number of times though. (in wow anyway)

  2. Y2Ken says:

    This seems kinda crazy, at least I’m not one to play public games with people who aren’t my actual friends.

  3. Deadguy says:

    Whenever anyone says their account got “hacked, I’m usually skeptical.

    Most just gave the username and password to some random person on the internet to try out their gear. Then they get scammed.

    • Dan Dan says:

      You’d be completely ignorant of a real problem then.

      • Deadguy says:

        I know there is a problem. I was on my phone earlier. Didn’t come out quite like it should have.

        In this case, there definitely appears to be a real problem with the code.

  4. boston_rob says:

    I have heard that people who haven’t played in public games or with anyone else for that matter have been hacked. If that is true, it would have to be one of the biggest fails of the year in terms of game development and security.



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