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Published on May 3rd, 2012 | by Dan


The Elder Scrolls Online Announced

Game Informer announced today that they will be revealing The Elder Scrolls Online, a new MMO based on the franchise, in their next print issue. This announcement falls squarely in the “not if, but when” department, as I think everyone could see this coming.

The game will take place about a thousand years before the happenings of Skyrim, where the main villain, daedric prince Molag Bal is trying to take power. There will be a large emphasis on PvP combat between three distinct factions, as well as the usual dungeons and solo questing that have made the Elder Scrolls franchise tick for many years.

One minor concern is that the game is apparently being developed by Zenimax Online Studios, rather than Bethesda, so it remains to be seen whether any of the Elder Scrolls team themselves will be involved with development. Will the game retain its Elder Scrolls style or delve into familiar MMO conventions? Zenimax will certainly be walking a thin line to keep Elder Scrolls faithful happy, while also bringing in more casual fans and MMO players in order to compete with established players in the space

The game is releasing sometime in 2013, and we have no information yet on pricing or subscription models. Zenimax is releasing a small teaser trailer tomorrow, so we should have some more details then!

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4 Responses to The Elder Scrolls Online Announced

  1. UnsungPower says:

    Todd Howard (the executive producer of Bethesda Game studios, who’s been there since Arena) usually has a big say in how things happen with anything to do with TES, for example he had a huge say in how the TES books were written.

  2. Y2Ken says:

    Well damn. I love the Elder Scrolls series but I’ve yet to get into an MMO yet. Have a few friends interested in GW2 so if I end up trying and enjoying that then this is definitely going to be worth a look from me at least.

  3. TheBadamanCJ says:

    To be honest I’m not particularly excited for it. You don’t aim attacks and it’s not even first person. It’ll just be another WoW clone but with Elder Scrolls storytelling, which, let’s face it, is pretty bad.



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