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Published on June 22nd, 2012 | by Dan


Perspective: Blowing Our Minds in 2D and 3D

Ever since Portal changed how we view puzzle games, challenging and unique puzzlers have been all the rage. Games like Limbo, Braid, Portal 2, Q.U.B.E., and the just-released Quantum Conundrum have taken the genre to new heights in recent years. But if you thought the puzzle genre had peaked, sit down and prepare to be wowed.

In the trailer above, we see a new puzzler called Perspective. What makes this game unique? You control a first-person camera in 3D space while controlling a 2D platforming avatar at the same time. As you can see from the in-game footage, the puzzle mechanic is perspective itself, which would seem to offer a nearly endless amount of ways to approach each puzzle. Just rotating the camera can help you clear a gap, and zooming in/out provides a way for your 2D avatar to fit through a seemingly tight squeeze. Perspective promises to mess with your mind in completely new ways.

And the craziest thing about this game? It wasn’t created by a giant studio, an indie studio, or even a studio at all. It was written by students at the Digipen Institute. We’ve seen Digipen students produce some good stuff before, such as racing game Nitronic Rush and the famous Narbacular Drop, which landed its creators jobs at Valve and later became Portal. Safe to say, if you’re looking at getting into game creation, this seems to be the place to go.

No word on when Perspective will be released, but the in-game footage in the trailer is denoted as pre-alpha, so we’ll probably have to wait a little while. In the meantime, you can watch for updates on the Perspective website or follow their newly created Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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10 Responses to Perspective: Blowing Our Minds in 2D and 3D

  1. BagOporridge says:

    This would be kewl as a perk in MW4! Somebody throws a nade your way, pauze, reframe. Now there is a giant handgrenade next to him! BOOM game over!

  2. murdergames says:

    i remember paper mario was quite good but it was a lot more limited as to where you can go compared to this game

  3. L.O.P says:

    Digi pen never ceases to amaze me. Amazing place with amazing minds.

  4. ZippyE says:

    Looks pretty shit ass dick imo

  5. Y2Ken says:

    The shifting perspective isn’t completely new (Fez, Crush, Paper Mario etc.) but this looks like a great take on it.

  6. Haze says:

    This kind of feels like Paper Mario :p

  7. TheBadamanCJ says:

    My mind is full of fuck. That is amazing. I want it.

  8. TrippingBowser says:

    It looks like the game makers are a fan of mega man with that jump character model lol

  9. TrippingBowser says:

    That is a awesome idea for a puzzler I hope the full release has some more interesting music though maybe they can get some help from Ronald Jenkees



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