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Published on February 21st, 2013 | by Dan


The KBMOD Uplink: February 21, 2013 – More Titan Benchmarks, ARMA 3, The Witness, Watch Dogs

The Playstation 4 is a thing now and as a side effect of that announcement there was a good chunk of PC gaming related news today. Dig into some Titan benchmarks, new game trailers and more below:

-We start with a couple Bohemia Interactive notes. First off the DayZ mod (the current one, not the standalone) is now on Steam. You can grab it here. Secondly Bohemia have announced that ARMA 3 will be a Steam and PC exclusive, requiring Valve’s service to play. You will however be able to launch the game in Steam offline mode. Props to Bohemia for not bringing PR speak into the equation and telling it straight in regards to this decision in this blog post.

-The PS4 was indeed announced last night and somewhat unsurprisingly it is using all PC hardware this time around. Packing and AMD APU with 8GB of GDDR5 in the console is a solid start, if a bit old tech. PCGamer has gone and built a PC of similar power to show how much the equivalent PC would be. Check out their results.

-NVIDIA’s Titan was announced this week and now we have some gaming benchmarks. Most tests put it slightly behind the 690 and SLI 680s, but with less noise and power usage. This is a single GPU solution, making this quite an impressive feat. Check out MaximumPC and Anandtech’s gaming results for more information.

-Jonathan Blow, creator of Braid, was the token indie developer on last night’s Playstation 4 meeting. He unveiled his new game, The Witness, with a short trailer. The game will have an exclusivity window on PS4, before making its way to the PC. This is a beautiful puzzle game that reminds an old school gamer such as myself of the classic PC game, Myst. Check out the trailer:

-We end on the most exciting thing (for me) from the whole night. There was more Watch Dogs game play shown! Ubisoft’s newest title is my most anticipated game of the year, so this was a real treat to see. Yes it was shown at a console reveal, but the game is definitely coming to PC. Definitely give this your attention:

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