Published on October 13th, 2013 | by Dan

Valve Demos the Steam Controller

When Valve announced SteamOS and the Steam Machine initiative, the thing all of us wondered was “what is the big deal with the controller?”  We now have the controller in action.  Portal 2, CS:GO, Civ V and Papers, Please are all demoed in this video from Valve.  One caveat would be that the controller is being used by a person who has been using it for a very long time.  He is obviously going to have a good grasp of how to use it. I will say it looks accurate and like a much better replacement for the joystick than I originally thought.

The demonstrator also speaks of how the touchpads can be configured to emulate mouse movement, WASD or joysticks depending on preference.  This should make it much easier to tailor the device to your game or need. Hopefully someone in the community is one of the lucky 300 to get a Steam Machine and we can get some first hand feedback.  For now, watch the video update above.  What do you think of this new style of controller?  Will it work for you?

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