Published on November 10th, 2014 | by MrMattyMouse

First Impressions: Hearthstone – Goblins Vs. Gnomes

We all knew it was coming and now Blizzard has given us the details. The newest edition to Hearthstone will be called Goblins Vs. Gnomes, and it will add all the things you want and should expect from an expansion to Hearthstone. Over 120 new cards are being added to the card pool, a great deal more than the 30 cards that was added by the Curse of Naxxramas expansion, and they seem to focus around the around the crazy gadgets and inventions that Goblins and Gnomes have been famous for making in the Warcraft universe.

Some of the standouts I have seen so far includes the Priest class card Velen’s Choice, a spell that gives a minion +2/+4 and +1 to spell damage for just 3 mana, that card can be a huge power shift if paired up with a Northshire Cleric, giving that card more longevity to allow for more card draw as well as more of a fighting chance against enemy minions. Another new card added is the Piloted Sky Golem, a neutral 6 mana minion with 6 attack and 4 health, that when it dies summons a random 4 mana minion.  The amount of powerful 4 mana minions in the game, especially paired with the recent popularity of deathrattle decks in the meta due to the cards added by Curse of Naxxramas makes that card a very powerful edition to some decks.

On top of the new cards there is also images of a new tabletop to play on, which I’m sure will be filled with lot of fun things for players to find and click on when they are waiting for that one opponent who takes forever with his turn. And perhaps the most exciting news is the addition of a Spectator Mode. The mode will allow your friends to watch your games as long as you have it enabled and should make the setups for tournaments, which have become hugely popular in the Hearthstone scene, even easier to display all the necessary information to make it a great viewing experience.

This is looking to be a huge edition to Hearthstone, there was already a fair amount of shift in the competitive meta when just 30 cards were added, with an expansion 4 times that size we’re to see current favourite decks be toppled and new combos and possibilities be brought to the forefront. The expansion will be released in December, although an exact date and cost are unknowns at this point.

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