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Good morning! Initializing coffee IV…

Good morning.  Sort of. I guess.  I definitely slept so hard on the bus that I woke myself up by snoring.  I am now mainlining coffee and going through news links about video games, which shall appear below.

A calming stream of 1080p/60fps content:  NVIDIA’s GRID game streaming service has rolled out 1080p/60fps support.  Now you can game like you are actually on a PC, when you don’t want to be on a PC!

Out with the old:  I have been preaching this on our podcast for a while, but games will get so much better when developers ditch the Xbox 360 and PS3.  Ubisoft has done just that and will no longer make games for last-gen consoles.  Good call and about time.  Think how good Watch Dogs COULD have been without time devoted to last-gen.

Assassin’s Creed, again.  Sure, why not: Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate has been announced and will be set in Victorian England.  So it is basically Dishonored.  Predictably, there are already four different special editions.

Delayed division: Tom Clancy’s The Division has been delayed to 2016.  This isn’t surprising given the supposed scope of the game.  I can’t help but still feel as though it is being rushed though, as it was also announced a fourth studio will join the development team.  Too many cooks, man.

10 out of 10:  That is mostly the review score The Witcher 3 has been getting so far.  Or very close to it.  Read about some of the masterful turns the game takes here.  Oddly, PC Gamer still didn’t have their review of the game due to a lack of PC keys.  Not a great sign for the supposed best version.

The humblest bundle: The Humble Bundle is new, with a Paradox theme this time around.  You can get yourself some strategy and war games for super cheap and benefit some great charities!

That’s all for this morning!  For more, definitely check out this week’s KBMOD podcast.  We’d also love it if you’d join the community conversations on the forums or our IRC chat room!

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One Response to Good morning! Initializing coffee IV…

  1. Nipnops says:

    I am so so serious about that last-gen dev ending. I play a lot of NHL 15 and that game was 100% shot in the foot by getting it out the door for last-gen.



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