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Good morning! RIP my microphone.

Good morning.  We were supposed to finish The Old Blood last night, but my mic decided we weren’t going to.  We will finish it next Monday night!

LEEEEEEEEEEEEEROY MEMERS: Leeroy Jenkins of legendary WoW movie fame, is now a decade old.  I actually miss the days of warcraftmovies ruling my online video life, pre-YouTube.  So many great pvp videos, machinima and more.  Twas a simpler time.

You get a card and you get a card: EU Hearthstone players are getting some free packs thanks to some connection problems recently.  Good on ya, Blizzard.

Igavania mania: The producer of the legendary Symphony of the Night is back and making a new game via kickstarter.  And it is already funded.  You can get in on the fun though and secure a copy now.

Mount up, marine:  The Star Citizen folks have named their FPS portion of the game Star Marine.  This is a pretty generic name, and I’d probably have left it as the FPS Module.

Great scott, Marty: Christopher Lloyd is joining the voice acting team for the revival of King’s Quest. Yisssss

Drowning pool: I have no idea what the point of this mod is.  But you can flood Los Santos.

PC Gaming is cheap: $9 to be exact.  Move over Raspberry Pi.  The CHIP is a 9 dollar computer currently trying to get Kickstarted.  This could be really interesting if it ever comes to light.

No chill, no xen: Xen will never come to the Black Mesa mod project.  They will be in the early access release version at some point.  This is due to engine capabilities in the mod.

Triple A development makes no sense: Sega has released its earning reports and deemed Alien: Isolation (one of the best games of 2014) as a failure.  2.1 million copies just wasn’t enough.

Brick squad: Star Wars Battlefront will not include the staple class and squad systems from Battlefield games.  Battlefront will include a more Call of Duty type system with lots of customization of your loadout.  Squads will be replaced by a sort of 2 man buddy system aka 2 man squads.

That’s all for today!  Check back tomorrow morning and take a gander at the forums and join the conversation there.

Good talk.  See ya out there.

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