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Good morning! RNGesus: It was then that he carried me.

Good morning.  Last night was just many hours of awesome: A Binding of Isaac run with exclusively good items (no joke) followed by one of the best all around podcasts in recent memory.  Still feeling the high from it today.  So without further euphoria, here is some news!

Bloopsie Blopsy: I recently received a Black Ops 3 beta key from a source, so I’ll be trying before I don’t buy this year.  If you want all the current information on the latest CoD title right now, Eurogamer has you covered.

I’m Batgirl: We tend to not like the idea of DLC and season passes around here, but if you want the details on Arkham Knight’s DLC package, look no further.  You can play as Batgirl!

Competition Compendium: The 2015 DOTA 2 Compendium has been available for the past few days and already the prize pool is over 5 million dollars.  Halfway to last year’s 10 million in a few days.  Dear god.

No Spoilerino: Wolfenstein: The Old Blood comes out tomorrow and if you want to spoil part of the game now, you can watch an hour of it already!

Countdown to Destruction: The Black Mesa website has a zany countdown screen right now.  I am assuming this means Steam release or finally the Xen portion of this amazing remake.  HALF-LIFE 3 CONFIRMED?!?!?!?

Isaac is Forever: The Original Binding of Isaac has received a substantial update from co-developer Florian Himsl.  Hard Mode has been added as well as other content and bug fixes.  Unfortunately controller support and higher resolutions were not included, but this update is probably worth taking a look at if you loved the original game.

I’m hoping you have a wonderful morning as I listen to this amazing new Best Coast record and sip coffee.  If you need more content, check out our forums as well kbmod chat.  Have a great day!

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