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Good morning! Friday is best day!

Good morning.  I am HOPPED UP on some coffee today duders and E3 has basically begun.  Exciting times for everyone really.

Let’s get right to it!

Everybody was street fighting: TONS of Street Fighter V knowledge dropped yesterday.  System details galore are over at Shoryuken and if you are into fighting games, please do go read up.  On a side note: the animations and graphics look fantastic in SFV!

We’re never moving again: Oculus fully detailed their VR system for commercial release in Q1 of 2016. There is a controller, new games and some tacky looking earphones.

Rocket Lady: Yet another character video has come out for Overwatch today.  This time Pharah is showing off her prowess with lots of explosive rockets!

Fix these broken wings: Blizzard has reversed its decision to have no flying mounts in Draenor.  There is a catch though, a bunch of achievements will need unlocked first.  Forced exploration is the best kind.  Check out this interview with the lead designer for more information and details on the newest patch.

Four wangs: Shadow Warrior 2 will have 4 player co-op!  I am super excited for this.  We can all cross wangs!  I’m sorry.

Casing the joint: We reviewed another small form factor case!  This time from EVGA: the Hadron Air.

Throw money at the screen: Bloodstained has become the most funded game ever on Kickstarter.  I have, in fact, just backed it myself.

SUMMER SALE IS ON.  I already bought two things.  Sigh.


Good talk.  See ya out there.

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  1. Here’s hoping Shadow Warrior actually runs well this time. This optimisation issues at launch were not fun. Took quite a while to reach a point where it was satisfactory. There was one hell of a fun game under all that. Excited for its sequel!



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