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Published on July 25th, 2011 | by John


>Sandy Bridge Extreme Edition: What to Expect?

>Well, according to Techpowerup’s recent article, the i7 3960X is roughly 47% faster than the 990x. That number is absolutely astounding. Being somebody that has owned a machine with an extreme edition CPU (the 980x) – I can tell you that this is absolutely mind boggling, and will likely be worth every cent. (We’re probably talking a million cents. I’d put the tag up around 800-1000$)

With 12 threads (via hyperthreading) and quad channel DDR3 IMC, we are in for a treat.

Check out their article here.

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7 Responses to >Sandy Bridge Extreme Edition: What to Expect?

  1. Slayer5227 says:

    >AMD Bulldozer i'd rather pay 320 bucks for that then 1000 for an intel card. I'm not denying they're fast but they're also extremely overpriced.

  2. essinDEES says:

    >It's all based upon a person's willingness to spend the money. Personally, I only want the best of the best when it comes to CPU. If I have to save up for a couple months to do so, I'm willing to do that.. but I'm an asshole.

  3. sirniblet says:

    >john inspired me to go get a I5 2500k which I do not regret, wish I could buy one of these but I am poor as fuck.

  4. Bizznichw says:

    >Either way if you have the YT Moneyz or not, this is crazy performance and cant wait to see some ppl's reaction to ownership :)

  5. PigletB12 says:

    >Wow, really wish I could afford something like this, but being a poor college student I'm going to go with Bulldozer. I just upgraded to a AM3+ board and put my Phenom 965 in there. Probably going to wait a couple of months after the release to see the benchmarks and how they perform though. I'm really hoping AMD can at least match the performance of Sandy Bridge.

  6. xxgiantxx says:

    >@sirniblet I was inspired as well I have the 2500k.

  7. LoseYourLife says:

    >There is no doubt in my mind that this CPU will completely destroy every other CPU on the market but unless you're doing some sort of autocad work is this really necessary? Does running BF3 at 500+ fps really make the game any more enjoyable than a solid 80 fps or does it just inflate ones epeen?



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