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Published on August 18th, 2011 | by Dan


>DIablo III gets a 4th difficulty.


Diablo III beta is coming in September and we are salivating in anticipation. For me, this is really the biggest release of the year. Blizzard always does it right, and D3 won’t be an exception.

Details have come out of Gamescom detailing a 4th, insanely hard difficulty for D3. The level cap for D3 is going to be 60 this time and well, get ready because Inferno difficulty will have enemies with a minimum of level 61. That means higher than you. In Diablo II the highest level baddies were 85. This meant if you were higher level they became a cakewalk.
Don’t worry, the difficulty is not just here to show off your bad-assery. There will be exclusive drops in this difficulty mode. Runes and items that don’t drop anywhere else, will drop in Inferno. There will also be increased droprates of the hell difficulty items. Blizzard have said the reasoning behind inferno is that you will no longer run a certain boss 100 times for items. Now you have an entire difficulty that is viable for loot farming.
I welcome this change. As fun as running Pindleskin and Mephisto over and over was, it definitely got boring. Now you and your friends can jump into a challenging but potentially very rewarding full gameplay experience.
One final note: Inferno on hardcore sounds like the most rage inducing thing gaming has ever seen.
Source: Kotaku
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