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Published on August 30th, 2011 | by Dan


>Modern Warfare 3 will use Steamworks, Cloud Support

>You have seen the massive pre-order ads already on Steam for MW3. Now we have confirmation from Valve that MW3 will use Steamworks to save and sync game data as well as achievements. This is the first of the CoD games to use the feature.

Whether this means cross-platform at some point, we don’t know. I would guess not. I would love for it to happen though. Activision likes to keep themselves firmly planted in each gaming outlet. Separate but not quite equal (ahem, MW2 PC). This time we already have confirmation of dedicated servers and KBMOD will probably have one, especially with rumors of 32 man MP.
You can pre-order, as mentioned, and begin loading the game now. I would wait though, because at some point it’ll be $10 off on pre-order, which it isn’t right now. Steam always does this.
Props to Activision for keeping the game on Steam and also allowing us the apparent luxury of having an in-game server browser.
MW3 drops November 8th.
Source: Kotaku


6 Responses to >Modern Warfare 3 will use Steamworks, Cloud Support

  1. yoeddyj says:

    >32 man killhouse ololol
    6v6 or 8v8 please, if i want big teams i'll play battlefield.

  2. Hexinvir says:

    >Honestly I hope they dont have enormous servers… I hope they keep the 18 player limit like they had for black ops. That's one of the few things i'm not a fan of in COD4 PC, way too many people in each server.

  3. derp says:

    >after burning myself with WaW,MW2 and BO i have learned my lesson, but yes the ingame browser sure sounds nice

  4. dominick says:

    >what peeble said

  5. Peeble says:

    >Now I just wish they wouldn't release mod tools 6 months past the games release.

  6. ChodeNation says:

    >The days when the in-game server browser was a guarantee…



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