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Published on November 7th, 2011 | by Dan


First MW3 PC Footage leaks out.


Reader NetskyZ has posted some PC footage of MW3.  He says it is capped at 45 FPS for the single player but the game plays smooth as silk.  IF he asks us to take this down, we will.


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  • ExCinisCineris

    Why even bother burst firing, it has no recoil lol.

  • Theuberelite

    klooger28, who holds 2 Spec Ops world records already (PC), is pulling 300 fps on Spec Ops, 200 fps while recording. So not too sure on the 45 fps cap report

  • z I

    Yeah it might just be mine that caps at 45fps don’t know why! but its not gone above it we will see tomorrow!

  • Cloudcuckoo

    Most weapons seem to have a very similar sound to them as far as I can tell. It’s unfortunate because it dampers the general feel of the game.

  • blairtron

    Game unlocks here in NZ in half an hour so I’ll check what fps I get and report back. Being capped to 45fps would be very strange…

  • z I

    Just to let you Guys know there is no FOV Slider nor anything in the config files, there is no single player Console but! there is a console for Dedicated servers, Don’t know about Multiplayer, Spec OPS is uploading and first full mission here.

  • z I
  • Fargoh

    Loop for 15 hours.

  • blairtron

    I can confirm that the game is not capped to 45fps.

    • z I

      Good! Must be my settings :D

  • Alister1707

    u was about to say 45 fps. I should buy it on Consololololol for more fps

    • Alister1707


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