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Published on November 8th, 2011 | by Dan


Modern Warfare 3 is Out. Sort of.

“You will be able to play this game when it is released.”  That was 8 hours ago.

I am sitting here writing this 8 hours after MW3 launched in my region and I still can’t play the copy I ordered through Steam.  This goes ditto for 99% of my friends list.  Orb got a hard copy (and lives in Sweden) and I’m guessing Murph also got a hard copy.  I have 10+ people on my list who ordered it.  Zero have played.

I’d like to thank whoever made this decision at Steam and most likely at Activision for being short-sighted and idiotic.  You trumpet this new and improved version of Modern Warfare for the PC and then large review sites can’t even play.  You even sent PCGamer an Xbox 360 copy.  This means literally no one got a glimpse of the PC version early.  You weren’t even giving out review copies?  Pathetic.  I played CoD4 for hours last night, because you managed not to half ass that, despite your penchant for doing it with every game since.  Treyarch has so far outperformed IW by leaps and bounds, even with the broken release of Black Ops; at least it was actually released.

I have stood behind this game for a while, despite the shady announcements recently.  You made a lot of the right moves and then this happens.  Now, I kind of want my money back.

Editor’s note:  I realize some regions have it, but that’s not the point.  At midnight in the US and UK (two very large markets), it was not available.  Either someone screwed up or, as detailed above, Activision and Valve just don’t care.  Official word would be great.

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17 Responses to Modern Warfare 3 is Out. Sort of.

  1. TesticularPower says:

    What is this Modern Warfare 3 you talking about? Never heard of it.

  2. Duder DBro says:

    I haven’t bought it and I won’t.

  3. Langstonlol says:

    Phantasy went hard on MW3, by hard I mean raging on it. Can’t say I don’t disagree with everything he said. Capping the FPS and FOV and not allowing console on PC is face-palm worthy. I guess it would be best to wait for AlterIW to get their hands on it to make it actually worth playing on PC, not shocked I am saying that, that would also save you 60 bucks and prevent Activision from being rewarded for putting out a clone of their previous title with a slightly different personality and new haircut.

    • Langstonlol says:

      If this seems like a “Harsh” view on it, I often make my judgements based strictly off of principle. And in my opinion supporting an entity that is making abortions for the PC community is like paying a Ice cream vendor for a 2 scoop cone of frozen shit that they hand to you with a smile, and you still pay for it. I refuse to reward providers of said shit, and instead I will reward bros who put out solid products and don’t fuck over the industry we all enjoy.

      In closing. Tribes/Blacklight, bitches.
      Also dicks.

  4. darbyothrill says:

    Shouldn’t you guys be working.

  5. ApotheosisNemesis says:

    Someone who wants to give me 60 bucks? I kinda wanna play it.

  6. Trik4y says:

    Honestly tho, if you’re so desperate to play the game that you say that the game is a disappointment then I don’t know how serious your review is going to be. GL and hopefully you didn’t waste 60 dollars or if you’re European, 80 dollars.

    Back to BF3, promod and WoW!

  7. aSneakyTeapot says:

    No video game in history has ever had the resources at it’s disposal of Activision with MW3, and still they fuck it up. They spent 2 years creating what is essentially a large map pack, a texture pack and implementing some balance tweaks. And yet they will still make millions upon millions of dollars. I don’t want to live on this planet any more.

  8. ConsoleTroll says:

    I stayed up til 12, then looked as it said “This game will unlock in approximately 9 hours” I want my sleep back

  9. djwyattwood says:

    Seems BF3 might have won this launch war.

  10. Zeela_D says:

    Well said.
    However, I wasn’t so disappoint, as it literally looks like DLC. It is not a new game, it is not innovative. It’s a shame.

  11. PaperyPaper says:

    Also, my prestige tokens wont work. -.-

  12. PaperyPaper says:

    Been playing for about 12 hours now. This is kind of unrelated but the game seems quite good so far. The maps are far better suited for SnD, but as we know with CoD, its true colours wont show for another few weeks

  13. Left4Raptor says:

    It’s Call of Duty, would you honestly expect anything more than an utter and complete trainwreck?



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