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Published on November 1st, 2011 | by Nick


>New Modern Warfare 3 trailer shows off new game modes

>Modern Warfare drops in a week, and just to build up more anticipation we get a new trailer. The new showcase gives us a taste of the new gametypes.

The first gametype, Kill Confirmed, is a spin off of the normal team deathmatch modes. The main difference here is that you must go over and pick up dog tags left by the enemy you just killed. When you pick up the dog tags, this will also move up your teams score counter.
The second new gametype is Team Defender. Imagine a movie King of the Hill game mode. One player on your team will hold a flag, as your counter goes up.
Both of these new modes look like they could provide some interesting experiences. The Kill Confirmed gametype especially sparks my interest. I’m excited to see how players move around the map; whether they become more campy or erratic.
But don’t take my word for it… (Reading Rainbow anyone?)


9 Responses to >New Modern Warfare 3 trailer shows off new game modes

  1. Steven says:

    >It's so obvious how they market these trailers to 12-16 year olds.

  2. Jaffa117 says:

    >I will never buy another CoD game again if theres no dedicated servers for PC, although its not really gonna matter, I'll play it for 3 days then Skyrim comes out and I'll never touch it again :D

  3. iGotUrNose says:

    >anybody else think that its a bit ridiculous that they even mention the fact they are bringing new maps into the game? I mean correct me if I'm wrong, but new maps aren't worthy of the title: FEATURE, they should be a GIVEN.

  4. Rossatron says:

    >anybody else think the 'kill confirmed' sound is goofy and will get annoying?

  5. ApotheosisNemesis says:

    >If you got enough money it's probably a good purchase, but I just save my 60$ for MW2.5 this time.

  6. Lebowski EH says:


  7. Wheelzz says:

    >As long as the game is food on PC(doubt it) I dont care if it looks and feels like MW2. A more balanced MW2 would be a great game. I doubt it will be on PC though. Oh yeah, I'll for sure be heading out to buy that Elite……fuck that shit!

  8. bpost says:

    >Wait, is that MW3 footage or just MW2 footage spliced between? I can't tell…

  9. derp says:

    >mfw no face its just a mod for mw2



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