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Published on August 4th, 2011 | by Aplfisher


>Skyrim, Brink, Rage, Fallout and Quake items come to TF2

>Far from the “earth-shattering” news category but moderately interesting enough to report on, Valve has added 5 new items in Team Fortress 2 to celebrate QuakeCon this year.

The Soldier: Quake rocket launcher
Sniper: Brink cowl and face mask
The Heavy: Skyrim’s horned helmet
Engineer: Fallout’s arm-mounted Pip-Boy and the three-pronged boomerang Wingstick from Rage.

There is still no official word as to how you can obtain these items yet but hopefully that will be announced soon.

Also, as mentioned in previous articles, two of our very own KBMOD brethen (vol1tion and essinDEES) will be in attendance at QuakeCon this year.

Kotaku Article: Team Fortress 2 Secretly Teams Up with Fallout, Quake & Elder Scrolls

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4 Responses to >Skyrim, Brink, Rage, Fallout and Quake items come to TF2

  1. brhicks says:

    >yaaaaar! :D

  2. Welshboy2142 says:

    >I want that heavy skyrim hat

  3. ChodeNation says:


  4. Ryan says:

    >Quake Rocket Luncher?! For the love of god please let it be a normal luncher just re-skinned or at least just not suck. Also engineer is finally getting some love? Thats badass.

    I really hope none of this stuff is exclusive to people who are able to go to quakecon. The majority of us cannot drop the cash to fly or drive to Dallas and to lose out on these epic items because of that would be really lame.



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