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Published on October 21st, 2011 | by Dan


>Diablo III Blizzcon Info

>Here is a consolidated look at the information we learned today from Blizzcon.

The Diablo III Collector’s Editions will include:

-In-game items for SC2, D3, and WoW
-Art Book
-Behind the Scenes DVD/Blu-Ray
-Soulstone USB drive with Diablo II loaded on it
-Demon Skull

Diablo III will be FREE if you buy a year long pass to WoW.  This will also include a mount, Tyrael’s Charger and  guaranteed beta access to the next WoW expansion.  These 12 month passes are available now on Blizzard’s website.  No price or release date on the Collector’s edition.

Charger picture, courtesy Kotaku:

The D3 endgame boss appears to be Asmodan.

Blizzcon Trailer:

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