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Published on November 21st, 2011 | by Dan


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Closed Beta to Start Nov. 30

CS:GO is definitely one of the PC titles to watch heading into 2012.  Will it keep the Counter-strike name untarnished?  Will it become the featured PC FPS, as with past iterations?  We are soon to find out.  Closed beta will begin November 30th and a few of the KBMOD crew have beta keys.  It is important to note that beta is PC only, despite the game coming to consoles.

Two redesigns of classic CS maps will be playable when the beta starts.  Dust, with many redesigned features, including a few ways around the horrible choke points on that map and Dust2, which has been heavily featured in screenshots and footage of the game.

The co-developers of the game, Valve and Hidden Path seem to be taking this as a serious beta.  They are taking player feedback to heart and have even had competitive Counter-strike players already in on the game’s early development.  The beta is not easy to get into right now, but eventually will be open to everyone.  Keys are scarce and unless you went to a couple game conventions or know someone, there aren’t many floating around.

We will try to have a preview up from our resident CS expert, Scott, in the few days after beta drops.

If we get some keys we’ll be sure to let you know! (Seriously though, someone get me a key.)

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6 Responses to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Closed Beta to Start Nov. 30

  1. TrippingBowser says:

    I hear you Dan I really want in on this closed beta. Scott better make a shit ton of videos on this because I will need my fix. Even though I am primarily a gun game cs player I just cant wait to get failure with CS: GO and see hope it operates. I really hope Valve doesn’t fuck this up. I still have a ton of trust in Valve but with the ways developers have been going with PC lately I cant be 100% positive.

    • TrippingBowser says:

      Lol failure woops must have clicked the wrong thing in spell check meant to be familiar with CS: GO

      • FamedKarma says:

        CS:GO will be nothing short of superb, as Valve wouldn’t put out a game that was a lower standard than that. If, by some strange turn of events, it isn’t amazing, at least we’ll be able to shit on console players.

  2. Aequitas says:

    Anyways, on a serious note, can’t wait for the Open Beta to start.

  3. Aequitas says:

    I want Keys Fer Dayzzz. I will do anything. fakeclaymorenippletwitch270ladderstallYYbox4boxQscope coming your way.

  4. jakob says:

    Anyone wanna give me a key? :D



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