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Published on November 10th, 2011 | by Dan


Nitronic Rush: The Crazy Free-to-play Racer, Releases Friday


Nitronic Rush is a mix of Tron, F-Zero (eat that reference kids!) and crazy physics that looks incredibly fun to play.  The game has been developed by 11 students at Digipen Institute of technology.  These guys aren’t even out of school and are putting out games.

I will definitely be looking into this one.  If you like Trackmania and other physics bending racers, you will too.  The graphics are also vibrant and crazy to watch at high speed.  And it’s free.  The game releases Friday.  Check out the Ars Technica interview and trailer below.

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  • This looks awesome definitely gonna give it shot.

  • Sk0tch

    F-Fucking-Zero :D The N64 was no consololol to lolol at :P

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