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Published on January 10th, 2012 | by Dan


Microsoft Kinect Pointlessly Coming to PC in February

Microsoft didn’t really have too much to say at this year’s CES 2012 keynote. Windows 8 doesn’t offer much for PC gamers, and the mobile market is outside our scope. Microsoft did however announce the February release of Kinect for Windows. The device that gives the Xbox 360 motion and voice controls is now officially coming to PCs. It was hacked on almost everything, but this one will be a real Microsoft sanctioned version. Kinect for Windows will be available February 1 for $249.

What you’re probably thinking right now is ‘why?’ This all seems a bit pointless. The Kinect is for motion control and gameplay, most people don’t have a huge space by their PC desk, nor are their monitors usually eye-height when standing, or large enough for motion games. The device itself is also rather large and a lot of people won’t have desk space to put one up.

And then there’s the biggest downside. The price. $249 for something with limited functionality? There isn’t really any software and this will be of most use in Windows 8, an operating system that will be largely ignored by gamers. Developers won’t be going after it either much because at that price tag not many PC gamers will be buying it. If they lower the price, maybe someone will take a stab at it, but right now, this device won’t gain much traction. Like the Razer Hydra, I think this one is destined to be forgotten.

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15 Responses to Microsoft Kinect Pointlessly Coming to PC in February

  1. Disconsented says:

    I happen to think this isn’t such a bad idea:

  2. Disconsented says:

    I happen to think this such a bad idea:

  3. blah says:

    just imagine if you could button map kinect motions. It wouldnt be helpful for fps games but it would be cool.

  4. genesis35 says:

    maybe it will make hacking it easier, as there is no software from a man who lives like the ati driver guy to download to make it work on pc rather than xbox.
    plus who doesnt want to move their desktop applications around with their hands while looking retarded as they do so

  5. jamesrushton says:

    Microsoft’s multi-billion dollar research “wing” cannot cope with creating anything of worth.
    Money = 0
    Brains money.

    Come on life!! Sort something out ffs!

  6. Mysticalorca says:

    And I thought the track ir was expensive. I am willing to bet the track ir would outperform the kinect in every game.

  7. Sir Knumskull says:

    If you don’t like it, don’t buy it! I for one am happy that Microsoft is actually doing something for PC gamers. Maybe not the hardcore PC gamers, but still for gamers. On PC. That’s what matters!

  8. killerkin103 says:

    this is a bad idea, putting the most casual of products into the most hardcore of markets, pc gamers dont want to play shitty games, well except nick fenton and his love of jurassic park, anyways the money they spend porting it will probably be made up in sales but will hopefully not be continued

  9. wporter99 says:


  10. Dark Zero says:

    Why bother releasing a device for PC that’s already on PC? It’s like releasing a Wii version of a gamecube game while taking out the bonus content, but for double the price.

  11. Player One says:

    They shouldn’t be aiming this at gamers. Most of them couldn’t give a crap about games where you jump about like a twat. What they should be including with this is Augmented Reality software. As it stands it is nothing more than a glorified webcam and mic. Tech like this does have potential and it’s not with shitty little dance games.

    • chad1312 says:

      Yeah this would be a good idea. I’d doubt they would aim it for that instead of games but maybe some stuff like that will get released for it.

  12. Ofenlicht says:

    Maybe AllShamNoWow now has to change his profiledescription….



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