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Published on April 20th, 2012 | by Dan


Diablo 3 and Tera Holding Open Weekends

If you want to play Diablo 3 or MMO Tera before they come out, now is your shot.

Blizzard is opening up beta for a stress test this weekend to anyone with a account. You can start downloading the client now through and begin playing at 12:01 PM PST (3:01 PM EST). I highly suggest creating an account and playing the game to see if you like it, especially if you haven’t played an isometric dungeon crawler before. I can attest that it is a tremendous game.

If you are more into the traditional RPG scene, Tera is a brand new MMORPG with a focus on beautiful graphics and action oriented combat. It has been in beta for a couple months now and I’ve heard mixed reviews. This weekend you can form your own opinion. Here are the steps for getting the beta client (opens at Noon PST, 3PM EST):

1. Log into your En Masse account on their official site. If you don’t have an account yet, you should make one.
2. Click Enter Code.
3. Enter the open beta test code: TERABETA
4. Click Submit.
5. Click Download Game under the Account Overview tab.
6. Once it’s downloaded, run the launcher to install the game

Two new games: one legendary sequel, one a brand new kid on the block.  Check em out this weekend!

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7 Responses to Diablo 3 and Tera Holding Open Weekends

  1. TimJB says:

    Well the UI was scalable, derps on me. Anywho, the quests in the starting zone are very scattered and aren’t particularly difficult, so levelling ends up being running around doing mind numbing repetitive tasks. Wow, it’s like WoW again. The combat is fun for PvE, but could be difficult for PvP, as there was no targeting, but a more hack’n’slash style button masher, and if lag was involved, then I can see my monitor being punched through very quickly.

  2. TimJB says:

    On the other Hand, the Lore looks like it could be developed greatly, especially with the opening cinematic setting the scene

  3. TimJB says:

    Tera is a 25gb DL. Little on the large side. Graphically it’s beautiful, although it does take from the gameplay at points (animation for mounting/dismounting is just fucking cumbersome). Races look quite cool. Inbuilt dwarf pandas are the most necessary race ever, although description of racial’s is lacklustre. However, the description of the classes is quite accessible, much like other MMOs. If you have ever played any 3rd person game you should be able to control this, although there are some slight differences, especially the role of the mouse buttons.

    The UI is depressingly small (insert joke) and, if it is allowed, one would most likely want to change it to have larger than size 2 font, and also more slots. The Graphical options are mediocre, with there being resolution, Windowed border-less or bordered available. The actual graphical scale is all under one slider with arbitrary units up to 6 I think. Whilst this is nice, I would like to be able to change individual settings.

    Furthermore, When starting the game, you are asked whether you are using KB+M or Controller, and the support for this option for the controls tells, with the menu and key-bindings being slightly clunky. Futhermore, the Menus aren’t the most intuitive, and it took me a minute to realise how to exit the game legitimately.

    With this in mind, this game has potential, but in my eyes the UI should be changed, and if not than moddable, the same goes for the menus. The game is still in BETA though, so has potential. I would pay the RRP for it however.

    Scrotum Pole.

  4. Freak0nature says:

    Having trouble making Battle Net account.

  5. TOR is also free this weekend.

  6. brainraker says:

    Is anyone else having trouble signing in to battle net in D3 interface ?

  7. ScubaSteve says:

    About how long does it take to play through the diablo beta?



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