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Blizzard Looking into Removing the Auction House from Diablo III

Diablo III nearly won our award for Biggest Letdown game of 2012, being narrowly beaten by Tribes: Ascend.  For all the amazing combat, sound and graphical achievements of the game, things like the Auction House and somewhat meaningless grind diminished everything else about the game.  It had simply lost the spirit of Diablo. It lacked that addicting feeling that Diablo II had of ‘one more run’.

Now it appears Blizzard is trying to fix that.  At GDC 2013 this week, Jay Wilson (former team lead of Diablo III), said that the auction house “really hurt the game.”  According to PCGamer he also said that Blizzard  would “turn off [the auction houses] if we could.”  Well, that’s a strong and clear statement.

The PCGamer article finishes up with the news we’ve been waiting for from all of these months of talk. Wilson acknowledged that a solution is being worked on to the AH problem that doesn’t involve removing the feature entirely. My own speculation hopes this could be in the form of a separate ladder.  Some sort of classic or pure mode with no auction house at all.  Blizzard has addressed loot issues incrementally through patches and now with monster power combined with inferno mode and a lack of auction house, you could probably start playing the game like Diablo II again. This would make for an experience once again revolving around farming and bartering with other players through trade for items.

Hopefully more news comes out soon about how they plan to implement these changes. If this is mode is implemented, I’ll definitely be playing again. Maybe we’ll even see eight player support for the PC version someday. I can dream, can’t I?

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7 Responses to Blizzard Looking into Removing the Auction House from Diablo III

  1. OGAgent says:

    A little late posting on this, but I would totally pick up D3 again if there was a ladder without the auction house. D3 was my first Diablo game and honestly I loved the first 50 hours I put into the game. Then I got almost obsessed with making my character the best he could be and my experience was ruined because I practically spent more time on the auction house than I did in the actual game. So, I think I would definitely give it another go to see how I would fare with just farming for my items.

  2. ReignSupreme says:

    How will removing the AH fix D3?
    It’s not necessary to use it at all (mind you i havent played since release but I cleared upto Act II on Inferno(? Whatever the hardest difficulty was) pre paragon etc
    The shipped game was trash, boring story, broken servers, features left out, in A3 Inferno there were mobs that became literally invincible (Shield + Heal from Damage + etc etc), your only hope was to pray a party member died and run past

    Honestly the only reason I even bought the game was for PvP and hey ho, it never even happened. I can still remember watching clips from blizzcon or something similar where they said they were planning on having a WoW arena like system, that’s literally what tipped me from ‘maybe’ to ‘buy’.

  3. iAmCyberwaste says:

    And still no mention of PvP… Welp.

  4. Lavenous_Bob says:

    This is great news for Diablo 3 but like candianaviator says it seems to be too little too late. It seems that Jay only acknowledged this problem after he left the D3 development team so there is nothing he can do now. I can’t see Blizzard adding a separate ladder or league that has an auction house disabled. Instead they seem to be trying to de-emphasis the auction house by adding more ways to craft and find better items. Without the release of new content or an expansion I can’t see myself going back to play just because of these changes. Diablo 3 GOTY 2013???

  5. tomcez says:

    Holy crap, this is massive!

  6. mrcanadianaviator says:

    Its too little too late.



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