Published on September 12th, 2014 | by Dan

GTA V PC Delayed. Releases January 27, 2015

Well, we finally have the news we’ve been waiting for.  Sort of.  While we did get a release date for GTA V on the PC, to find it is delayed is a bit disheartening to hear.

However, I think this is probably a good thing.  Extra dev time for PC versions have, in the past, proven fruitful for both the developer and the consumer.  This should hopefully allow for a Max Payne 3 quality port and not a GTA IV quality port for the PC.  I do have a PS4, but I am committed to this version of the game after skipping it on old-gen consoles.  The PC version with mods (sanctioned or not) and extra graphical power should be the definitive way to play the game when all is said and done.

I think Rockstar will deliver this time.  For now, enjoy the awesome, trippy trailer for the next-gen/PC version above.


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