Published on June 4th, 2015 | by Dan


Good morning! FALLOUT 4 *rends clothing*

Good morning!  I was off yesterday, but some video game stuff continued happening despite this.  I’m back with the morning post today though, so fear not!

We don’t need no instructions to know how to rock: There will be no rock Band 4 for PC.  There are some okay reasons in this story, but citing piracy again is just so tired at this point.

Let’s get starvin: All owners of Don’t Starve will be receiving Don’t Starve Together for free!  Props to Klei for this.

Odd bedfellows: Microsoft is joining PCGamer’s E3 PC show.  This is super weird.  I know that Microsoft makes the OS we primarily use to play on our PCs, however, they haven’t been very supportive of the whole thing really.  I’m interested to see if this is for show or if they have something meaningful to say with Windows 10 forthcoming.

Arthas…: Blizzard is teasing something in Hearthstone and despite a very Arthas like silhouette, this is probably a dwarf hero.  Poo.  I want a Death Knight class.

Small and sexy:  Fractal Design is showing two new small form factor cases and I kinda want both of them.

You are all free now: Skullgirls is free this weekend on Steam. This game is the closest thing you’ll get to Marvel vs Capcom on the PC and is a ton of fun.  Definitely give it a go, and start with its excellent tutorial.

Farming town: Harvest Moon is finally coming to the PC.  We will get more information at E3, but it is exciting to see such an iconic franchise make its way to our platform!


That’s it for today.  E3 is so soon.

Good talk.  See ya out there.

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3 Responses to Good morning! FALLOUT 4 *rends clothing*

  1. Hazzmat says:

    There was also some Bard’s Tale IV engine footage, not in-game but still. It’s something.

  2. J. A. M. says:

    Updated rock band 4 article now says piracy wasn’t a reason.

    Also, why wasn’t Don’t Starve Together initially just an added multiplayer mode for Don’t Starve?

  3. seanbutnotheard says:

    How to stop piracy: “1 Create great stuff 2 Make it easy to buy 3 Same day worldwide release 4 Fair price 5 Works on any device” -Kim Dotcom



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