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Published on December 13th, 2011 | by Nick


Leaked Mesmer Trailer for Guild Wars 2

I’m not afraid to admit that when Guild Wars 2 news arrives, I end up jumping up and down like a schoolgirl. Like, oh my god, this new trailer for Guild Wars 2 has been leaked and is supposedly having an official release tomorrow. It shows of the final class in the game, the Mesmer. The class remains similar to GW1, but will be somewhat tweaked due to the weapon skill addition. Besides this, you’ll be doing the same Mesmer trickery. Get ready to make portals, create duplicates of yourself, and more.

I feel the need to create a cheesy segue into the trailer itself, so here we go.

Check out this trailer for the Mesmer in Guild Wars 2. You should find it quite magical.

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2 Responses to Leaked Mesmer Trailer for Guild Wars 2

  1. krunch says:

    is guild wars 2, don’t care

  2. Zelos45 says:

    I’m not ashamed to say I love GW (I played it frequently for about a year), and GW2 will be even better. GW has had superior graphics and dynamic gameplay. Sure end game content sucked, but the PvP was great. If they expand upon what they have and make it feel more like a “huge” MMO I have no doubt it will amazing. From what I’ve seen I’m very excited for it. The trailer looks sweet.



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