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Good morning! It was then that the eagles carried me.

Good morning.  I played some CS:GO last night and a group of 4 eagles descended to carry me through to a win.  I embrace this.  Let’s get to some news!

Poor taste: Hi-Rez Studios and Todd Harris, longtime friends of this site, have stepped a bit out of character.  It appears they have made a fake Kickstarter mocking games funded by Kickstarter.  The worst part?  Given the history of certain franchises under Hi-rez, it isn’t very funny.  Destructoid tears this apart properly, so give them a read.  Come on, dudes, you’re better than this.

Controlling interest: Microsoft is releasing an updated Xbox One controller and PC wireless adapter.  Unfortunately, the adapter won’t work with anything but Windows 10.  I love the Xbox One controller, so this is definitely of interest for me.  The bundled of controller+adapter will run you $80.

Pump up the volume:  Mike Bithell’s new game, Volume, is releasing on August 18.  This looks like a very cool, stylish stealth title.

Nostalgia: The earliest World of Warcraft screenshots ever have been released. This is easily one of the coolest things you will see in video game history.  Do not skip this, click on that and see what the game was as early as 1999.

Going backwards: Black Ops 3 has been confirmed for PS3 and Xbox 360, likely hampering the game on all other systems.  Let the past go when it comes to game development now.  Stick on next-gen, and as we’ve seen, your game will be better.

Going backwards…again: Dark Souls 3 is confirmed for early 2016.  Please do not release it this early, From Software, unless you can confirm it was in development in like 2012.  Do not annualize Dark Souls and ruin an all-time great series and studio.

A lot of witchin’: The Witcher 3 has sold 4 million copies since release.  Well done, CD Projekt RED.

Battleborn looks pretty damn fun.

That’s it for today!  Make sure you check out the latest podcast episode and cruise over to the forums for a bit of conversation. Maybe leave a comment below on any of these news stories!

Good talk.  See ya out there.

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6 Responses to Good morning! It was then that the eagles carried me.

  1. Rich_ says:

    You’re way off the mark here. A quote from Hi-Rez;

    “The ‘game’ project posted on Kickstarter was a parody – mainly aimed at ourselves; – game developers sometimes take themselves too seriously and get a bit pretentious and buzzwordy with their ambitious goals.
    In all seriousness at Hi-Rez Studios we support both Independent Developers and Crowdfunding. There are many significant game projects that have been funded via Kickstarter and we ourselves heavily utilize crowdfunding for our esports prize pools.”

    Hi-Rez may be guilty of poking fun at themselves and not making you laugh, but it feels off for KBMOD of all gaming sites to call out what’s distasteful.

    Much of the antics on the podcast can very easily be judged as distasteful if someone wished to take a sensitive viewpoint. But in context, we all know what’s said is in jest. In the same way, at that moment in time, Hi-Rez was goofing around and had fun taking jibes at their own industry. Suddenly calling that out is overly-sensitive.

    • Nipnops says:

      I disagree.

      This didn’t feel like poking fun at themselves at all and I still stand by the Destructoid article myself. It felt like a tone deaf joke about one of the only methods for a lot of people to get their game made…by a studio that has now abandoned two titles.

      My opinion is this was a poorly done joke which probably shouldn’t have been done by this studio. Sounds like Hi-Rez themselves feel the same in these updated statements.

      As for your logic on this: I am not allowed to call anything distasteful or have an opinion on it because the podcast I’m on makes off color jokes? Phew boy, thin line there.

      I can express whatever opinion I’d like. And I do on a regular basis. That isn’t going to change on this website or my own social media.

      • Rich_ says:

        Nowhere did I say you weren’t allowed to express your opinion. I’m just not on board with this story or sure why it’s here.

        Let me rephrase myself better. Bear in mind, the tone i’m trying to put across here is friendly, not argumentative!

        I like KBMOD. The fact you don’t lap up the usual social-issue noise regarding Feminism, Gamergate etc. that sit on the heap of nonsense articles I feel are way off the mark. Articles I feel are forced issues for the sake of a story.

        With that being said, seeing Hi-Rez’s shitty joke, then reading their explanation that it was meant as a joke meant it’s water off a ducks back to me. If they’ve made their intentions clear, i’m not sure why you want to ignore that and scorn them regardless.

        If you’re offended by the subject (mocking some Indie studio’s Kickstarter campaigns) of their attempted humor, why take it out of that context (A joke) as if they released a serious statement scorning public-funded games?

        If that was the case, then it could warrant contempt repercussions. As it is, it’s an overly-sensitive response shaming them for joking about a topic you don’t think they should be allowed to joke about.

        PS. Despite what you may think of me and my ramblings, I am a long time fan of this site and your work behind the scenes here with your writing. Thank you for that.

        • Nipnops says:

          Sorry man, it definitely came across as argumentative and I reacted in that manner. Thanks for the reasonable explanation. my bad on getting combative as well! I didn’t mean anything personal.

          I also see your point better too. I’m normally someone who doesn’t take any subject as taboo (we SHOULD joke about everything.)

          Did we just have a good ending to an argument on the internet??? Polygon should be here soon. :p

  2. Hexidecimal says:

    Seriously Hi-Rez? You’re way better than this, and to mock a platform that has yielded many great games? I just don’t get what you were going for here.



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